How to deal with skin blemishes

Dealing With Skin Blemishes

Many people suffer from skin blemishes that may be visible or hidden from view, but they can create great heartache and distress. It is not only a ladies concern to remove or reduce the appearance of dark spots from their faces, men too are doing all they can to achieve a flawless skin. A person’s appearance is important to them and there is nothing wrong with that. Blemishes can lower self esteem in some people although there is no harm to their skin caused by such blemishes. There are lots of treatment options that can be used and here we will look at the most effective and economical solutions.

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Before you embark on any treatment plan, it is essential that you understand the root cause of your spots. In many cases skin blemishes are caused by hormonal imbalances, diet and allergies. One of the key things that most dermatologists will advise you to do is to keep your skin clean in the process of treatment. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that the spots came as a result of poor hygiene. There are medical treatment options as well as natural blemish removal methods.  Each of them has its own benefits. Here are some handy tips to help get a glowing skin.

How To Get That Flawless Skin

Evaluate your skin type

Many of you will have dry or oily skin or a combination of both and they all require a special skin care program. It is important to assess your skin that way; you will be able to have a lasting solution to the blemishes. Another way o assessing your skin type is to check your  susceptibility to tanning or burning. If you want to check this better have a look at the Fitzpatrick classification.  After understanding your skin type, you will be in a position to find effective solutions to any dark spots or skin discolorations. .

Maintain high standards of hygiene

Washing your face at least twice daily is not a choice but a necessity if you want to clear your face off blemishes. Find a soap that is best suited for your skin. Some cleansing solutions have compounds that can treat spots. After washing your face thoroughly dry it well using a clean face towel and then rub in an amount of your best blemish cream. It is advisable to wash your face regularly after a hard day at work since the skin tends to accumulate oils which eventually clog the pores.

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 Try the following treatment strategies:

Alpha hydroxyl acid-based products

This compound has been known to work magic on skin blemishes. It works by catalyzing skin growth to form new cells, which later exfoliate older skin. Most companies manufacture products, which contain alpha hydroxyl. Just ask your pharmacist for those particular products.

Copper peptides for protection of skin tissues

Copper peptides are one of the most promising blemish treatment products in the market. They are known to get rid of skin blemishes and scars. The product also ensures that your face remains young and glowing.

Vitamin A retinol cream

These are widely used and come in all forms. They are sold in cosmetic shops as well as in drug stores. However, it only works on a temporary basis; hence you will need to apply it on a regular basis. Any remedy has its side effects, so while using retinol products it is possible that exposure to sun rays may add more problems to your face.

Organic juice care

Using organic apple juice has been proven to remove blemishes within time of application. It has the same effect as when you use alpha hydroxyl products. This is a great way of saving some money. The artificial products will cost you a real fortune depending on where you are buying. Why not try this natural strategy?  You are assured of achieving the desired results and there are no additives or preservatives to add more problems to your health.

Tocotrienals or Vitamin E Compounds

Over the years, Vitamin E has been accredited by skin specialists as a good compound in removing all kinds of skin flaws.  It is manufactured and supplied in different forms.

Vitamin C ester for enhanced skin appearance

If applied as directed vitamin C ester can heal any scarring and blemishes. It is also a good choice when you want to treat sun burn.

Try out enzyme treatments

Lately, enzyme treatments such as CoQ10 have gained immense popularity. They are deemed as a natural method of restoring skin firmness and overall health. There have also been extensive studies on the same and maybe in future enzyme-based products will get a greater audience.

Laser technology, plastic surgery or collagen injections for permanent blemishes

If your face is flooded with indelible marks, it is advisable to seek the advice of a dermatologist on the best course of action. You might have tried all the products in the cosmetics’ stores and none seems to give you the desired results. A visit to a plastic surgeon, an injection or laser blemish removal may come in handy. The beauty with these three approaches is that they will permanently clear your skin of any scar leaving your face looking younger and vibrant. Its downside is of course the expense of the treatment.

See a doctor if no improvement or for serious cases such as rosacea and psoriasis

If even after trying the aforementioned treatment options you are even getting worse, it is vital to see a specialist for a diagnosis of your problem. It might be a sign of a medical condition after all.

Do not use the treatment methods excessively

You might be very desperate to get your face in better health but do not overdo it. Avoid intensive exfoliating and sun exposure as this will prolong your healing process. Just stick to the instructions given on the package of each product. In addition, do not leave your dermatologist out of the treatment plan. Let them know how you are progressing and when you experience allergic reactions from a certain product be sure to contact a doctor.

Blemishes are not permanent you can remove them and gain your confidence back. However, you must adhere strictly to the instructions of the skin specialist. Keep your skin clean, drink water and eat healthy foods.

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