How to deal with skin blemishes

Dealing With Skin Blemishes

Many people suffer from skin blemishes that may be visible or hidden from view, but they can create great heartache and distress. It is not only a ladies concern to remove or reduce the appearance of dark spots from their faces, men too are doing all they can to achieve a flawless skin. A person’s appearance is important to them and there is nothing wrong with that. Blemishes can lower self esteem in some people although there is no harm to their skin caused by such blemishes. There are lots of treatment options that can be used and here we will look at the most effective and economical solutions.

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Before you embark on any treatment plan, it is essential that you understand the root cause of your spots. In many cases skin blemishes are caused by hormonal imbalances, diet and allergies. One of the key things that most dermatologists will advise you to do is to keep your skin clean in the process of treatment. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that the spots came as a result of poor hygiene. There are medical treatment options as well as natural blemish removal methods.  Each of them has its own benefits. Here are some handy tips to help get a glowing skin.

How To Get That Flawless Skin

Evaluate your skin type

Many of you will have dry or oily skin or a combination of both and they all require a special skin care program. It is important to assess your skin that way; you will be able to have a lasting solution to the blemishes. Another way o assessing your skin type is to check your  susceptibility to tanning or burning. If you want to check this better have a look at the Fitzpatrick classification.  After understanding your skin type, you will be in a position to find effective solutions to any dark spots or skin discolorations. .

Maintain high standards of hygiene

Washing your face at least twice daily is not a choice but a necessity if you want to clear your face off blemishes. Find a soap that is best suited for your skin. Some cleansing solutions have compounds that can treat spots. After washing your face thoroughly dry it well using a clean face towel and then rub in an amount of your best blemish cream. It is advisable to wash your face regularly after a hard day at work since the skin tends to accumulate oils which eventually clog the pores.

 hyperpigmentation treatment

 Try the following treatment strategies:

Alpha hydroxyl acid-based products

This compound has been known to work magic on skin blemishes. It works by catalyzing skin growth to form new cells, which later exfoliate older skin. Most companies manufacture products, which contain alpha hydroxyl. Just ask your pharmacist for those particular products.

Copper peptides for protection of skin tissues

Copper peptides are one of the most promising blemish treatment products in the market. They are known to get rid of skin blemishes and scars. The product also ensures that your face remains young and glowing.

Vitamin A retinol cream

These are widely used and come in all forms. They are sold in cosmetic shops as well as in drug stores. However, it only works on a temporary basis; hence you will need to apply it on a regular basis. Any remedy has its side effects, so while using retinol products it is possible that exposure to sun rays may add more problems to your face.

Organic juice care

Using organic apple juice has been proven to remove blemishes within time of application. It has the same effect as when you use alpha hydroxyl products. This is a great way of saving some money. The artificial products will cost you a real fortune depending on where you are buying. Why not try this natural strategy?  You are assured of achieving the desired results and there are no additives or preservatives to add more problems to your health.

Tocotrienals or Vitamin E Compounds

Over the years, Vitamin E has been accredited by skin specialists as a good compound in removing all kinds of skin flaws.  It is manufactured and supplied in different forms.

Vitamin C ester for enhanced skin appearance

If applied as directed vitamin C ester can heal any scarring and blemishes. It is also a good choice when you want to treat sun burn.

Try out enzyme treatments

Lately, enzyme treatments such as CoQ10 have gained immense popularity. They are deemed as a natural method of restoring skin firmness and overall health. There have also been extensive studies on the same and maybe in future enzyme-based products will get a greater audience.

Laser technology, plastic surgery or collagen injections for permanent blemishes

If your face is flooded with indelible marks, it is advisable to seek the advice of a dermatologist on the best course of action. You might have tried all the products in the cosmetics’ stores and none seems to give you the desired results. A visit to a plastic surgeon, an injection or laser blemish removal may come in handy. The beauty with these three approaches is that they will permanently clear your skin of any scar leaving your face looking younger and vibrant. Its downside is of course the expense of the treatment.

See a doctor if no improvement or for serious cases such as rosacea and psoriasis

If even after trying the aforementioned treatment options you are even getting worse, it is vital to see a specialist for a diagnosis of your problem. It might be a sign of a medical condition after all.

Do not use the treatment methods excessively

You might be very desperate to get your face in better health but do not overdo it. Avoid intensive exfoliating and sun exposure as this will prolong your healing process. Just stick to the instructions given on the package of each product. In addition, do not leave your dermatologist out of the treatment plan. Let them know how you are progressing and when you experience allergic reactions from a certain product be sure to contact a doctor.

Blemishes are not permanent you can remove them and gain your confidence back. However, you must adhere strictly to the instructions of the skin specialist. Keep your skin clean, drink water and eat healthy foods.

Causes and treatment of age spots

Causes And Treatment Of Age Spots

Age Spots

Getting exposed to sunlight may lead to dark spots appearing on the face or on hands. Although not necessarily related to ageing as the name suggests as they can also appear on younger people, these spots are called age spots. They are also sometimes referred to as liver spots and more appropriately, sun spots. The spots are brown or black in color and they appear on areas of the skin that are exposed to sunlight.

Although they are harmless, many people feel uncomfortable when they have the spots due to the way they look. They find ways to remove them or reduce their appearance so that their skin can appear smooth and clear. One way of dealing with these dark spots is by using skin lightening products that are available on the market. This is good news for those who have them and wish to lessen their impact, since they do not need to live with them forever.

Although the spots are common on people with lighter skin complexion, even darker people get affected. The spots appear as flat oval areas where there is an increase in pigmentation. The commonly affected areas of the skin are the hands, face, upper back, shoulders and the top of feet. This is because they are the areas that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Causes of age spots

Despite being called age spots, the spots are caused by exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun for many years. The development of the spots can be accelerated by the use of tanning lamps and beds. This causes the skin to develop the dark spots in areas such as hands and face, since they are areas of the body often not covered.

The exposure to the sun causes melanin to be produced in high concentrations on one area of the skin. This results in the development of black and brown age spots. Age is also a contributing factor in the overproduction of melanin. That is why the spots are more common for older people than for younger people, although all are affected if they expose themselves to the sun for long periods of time. It is also considered by the medical profession that genetic make-up may also contribute to the development of the age spots.

Genetic makeup may also contribute to the development of the age spots.

Treatment of age spots

There are a number of options available in the treatment of black and brown age spots. Some of them involve freezing of the top layer of the skin while others make use the laser to get underneath the skin. There are also home remedies, which can be used to get rid of the dark spots. The reason the spots are easily removed is because they are on top layer of the skin. By getting rid of this layer, the skin below does not have the spots.

Some of the treatments are:


  • Chemical peel

This requires the use of acid to remove the top layer of the skin which has the black and brown age spots. With the top layer gone, the newer layer left does not have the spots. This leaves one with a healthy skin which has no blemishes.

  • Dermabrasion

This consists of the removal of the top layer of the skin by the use of a rapidly rotating brush which uses the same technique as a sand paper. Eventually, one ends up having a skin with no age spots. The only problem is that the scrubbing effect may result to redness of the skin.

  • Use of laser

This is the clearing of the black and brown age spots by destruction of pigment producing cells. For it to be effective one should undergo through a number of treatments and it may take a while for the spots to disappear.

  • Freezing

In this method, the skin is frozen in liquid nitrogen so as to destroy melanin. This results to a lighter skin when it heals.

  • Home based remedies

With the use of items such as lemons, honey and yogurt, a home remedy can be created, which can get rid of the black and brown age spots. One should be careful when using the ingredients and should make sure that they are mixed in the right quantities.

  • Skin lightening creams

There are many skin lightening creams in the market that can be used to clear black and brown age spots. Some of them are made using hydroquinone as the main ingredient for bleaching the skin to get rid of the black and brown age spots. Due to the controversy surrounding whether hydroquinone is safe to use, more care should be taken when using skin lightening cream.

One of the best age spot removers is the Meladerm skin lightening cream. It is manufactured using natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin. It does not contain hydroquinone and it is effective in removing age spots.


The best way to prevent the spots from appearing on your skin is to use sunscreen when going outside. This will prevent the skin from being damaged by the sun resulting to overproduction of melanin which causes skin to darken. The sunscreen used should be broad spectrum so that it can provide enough protection. It should therefore have a sunscreen protection of at least 15. The sunscreen should be applied generously and reapplied every two hours to maintain its effectiveness.

The other method of preventing the black and brown age spots from appearing is to avoid being in the sun when the sun is hot. This is between ten in the morning and four in the evening when the sun is hot and intense.

Covering the exposed areas is another way that can be used to prevent age spots. The face can be protected by using a hat which is broad-brimmed. The same protection should be provided to the legs and arms by wearing clothes that cover these areas.


Natural Ways To Lighten skin

Benefits Of Using Natural Ways To Lighten Skin

Ways to Lighten Your Skin

Skin forms the largest part of the human body and having imperfections on it may make one become self-conscious and lead to a lower self esteem. This is the main reason why people who have skin disorders look for solutions. They want to remove the blemishes and discoloration so as to have a fair skin. The best way to achieve that even look without using skin products made from harsh chemicals is by the use of natural skin lightening products such as Meladerm skin lightening cream.

There are a variety of skin lightening products on the market and most of them claim to achieve the best results. Before using any of them, make sure that you check the ingredients to ensure that they are made from natural ingredients and they provide natural ways to lighten skin. The process of manufacturing also plays an important part in determining the effectiveness of the skin lightening products. Find out if the product has been manufactured using methods which combine natural ingredients in a way to make them more effective. One product that passes these tests is Meladerm which has been shown to effectively lighten the skin.


In addition to using a product which uses natural ways to lighten skin, it is important to know the cause of any skin problem. There are many skin problems such as sun damage due to sunburn, skin discolorations and blemishes, acne scars, dark spots, freckles, age spots, uneven skin tone, dark knuckles, liver spots, birthmarks, dark underarms and hyper pigmentation. Knowing the cause will also help prevent the recurrence of the problem. For instance, in case of sunburn, you should use the skin lightening cream in addition to avoiding exposure to direct sun. You should also apply sunscreen if going outside to prevent sun burn.

Natural ingredients used to make Meladerm skin lightening cream

To make it the ideal choice for skin conditions requiring lightening, the cream is manufactured from natural ingredients:

  • Alpha– arbutin- this is a skin whitening ingredient that is very effective on all skin types.
  • Lemon juice is a safe ingredient although it should not be used in large amounts due to skin irritation.
  • Bearberry extract– also known as arbutin, the extract is from Uva Ursi plant and it is also safe to use.
  • Mulberry extract– it is a root extract that is more effective than hydroquinone even in small amounts.
  • Licorice- it is extracted from the licorice plant and it is effective in inhibiting pigmentation thereby brightening the skin.
  • Gigawhite is a skin lightener that is organically grown. It is used as an alternative to hydroquinone.
  • Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) – it is an ingredient effective in skin lightening and reduction of acne.
  • Kojic acid– derived from fungus, the acid is also a natural alternative to hydroquinone. It is effective in treating pigmentation and age spots.

The combination of these natural ingredients to manufacture Meladerm skin lightening cream makes it the most natural skin lightening product.

 The benefits of using a natural product in skin lightening

There are many benefits associated with using a natural skin lightening products such as Meladerm skin cream rather than products, which are made from chemicals. Some of the benefits are:

No reaction

The use of natural skin lightening products ensures that there is no reaction to the skin. The ingredients are safe to use on all body parts without causing reactions such as rashes, the skin becoming darker and having spots. This is unlike other products, which have harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone.


Despite the lack of reaction, skin types are different and some may experience mild skin irritation. It is therefore important to spot test the cream on the neck or arm before using it.

There are no adverse effects

The skin is a very sensitive organ of the body. This requires it to be treated with a lot of care. You should take caution on what you apply on it. Use of any product to treat skin problems may bring more harm than good if you are not careful on checking the ingredients that other creams contain. Using natural ways to lighten skin does not have adverse effects to your health.

The condition is taken care of for good

The results of using natural skin lightening products are long term. Once the blemish, sunburn or acne marks are gone, they do not recur. This is unlike other products which promise to clear the problem, and it ends up recurring once you stop using the product. Such products only have temporary remedy.

Meladerm skin cream is rigorously tested to ensure if is very effective at combating skin problems. Also the ingredients used are checked to be natural and non harmful to skin. So that you can be confident in its use.


Causes And Treatment Of Dark Spots On Skin

Information About Dark Spots On Skin

Dark skin spots or brown spots on skin are also known as hyperpigmentation. This is the darkening of the skin due to increased production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment which produces color in the skin, eyes and hair. Excessive production may lead to darkening of some parts of the skin causing these dark spots on skin. These can occur on any part of the body such as hands, face and neck.

In as much as they are not harmful, the dark spots are often not comfortable to ignore due to concerns of looks and beauty, especially when the dark spots are on your face. This has resulted in those who have any dark spots to seek treatment to make their skin beautiful and blemish free, and one way of this is by using cream for dark spots such as Meladerm skin lightening cream which is among the best creams for dark spots.


Causes of dark skin spots

There are many causes of dark skin spots which include damage from the sun, acne, skin injuries and inflammation. Some of the dark spots are genetically inherited while others are caused by lifestyle. In some instances the spots are caused by hormonal changes especially in the case of pregnant women. Medication such as antibiotics and anti-seizure drugs may also cause the skin to have dark spots.

  • Damage from the sun

The exposure to the sun leads to ultraviolet light stimulating the production of melanin. This causes darkening of the exposed skin areas creating sun spots, liver spots or age spots (lentigines). Despite the spots being common to those aged 60 years and above, they are not related to the aging process but to the overexposure to sun. In you have these kinds of spots, you should avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. It is important to apply sunscreen with a high SPF of 30 and above whenever you intend to go out.


  • Acne

Acne is a skin disease that causes the skin to develop post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. This is seen by the dark discolored spots on the areas where acne has healed. The skin later heals although it takes time for the spots to clear.

  • Diseases associated with dark spots on skin are:
  • Addisons disease- the disease causes the raising of the hormones that promote the production of melanin and this results in dark skin spots or hyperpigmentation.
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Melasma or chloasma results in dark spots on the skin of pregnant women. It is commonly known as mask of pregnancy and it may disappear after the pregnancy. To reduce its impact, those with the condition should avoid direct exposure to sunlight by using sunscreen and protective clothing.
  • Smokers’ melanosis
  • Fungal infection such as ringworms
  • Haemochromatosis is a genetic disorder characterized with accumulation of iron in the body.

 Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

These are dark spots on skin that are left on the skin after there is a burn, cut, pimple or abrasion. The affected area appears darker than other parts of the skin and eventually disappears after a while when the skin has regenerated naturally or with the help of cream for dark spots.

Prevention of dark skin spots

Some of the causes of dark skin spots can be prevented. One good example is sun damage spots such as age spots, and liver spots. These can be prevented by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. You should also use sunscreen with at least SPF of 15 and preferably higher depending on your skin type. This will prevent overproduction of melanin due to exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Taking safety precautions also prevents the dark spots on skin from recurring in case they have been treated. Skin is sensitive and to help prevent dark spots, skin should be well taken care of. This should be through cleansing it, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting it.


So far there is no cure for dark skin spots. Despite that, they can be managed to reduce their appearance. This can be done by using skin care products such as creams for dark spots with ingredients that lighten the skin such as alpha hydroxyl acids (glycolic and lactic acid). These acids assist in removal of dead cells which have the pigment, reducing discoloration in addition to lightening the skin.


There are various ways of treating dark spots on skin such as with the use of hydroquinone, azelaic acid, ascorbic acid, tretinoin, kojic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids licorice extracts and glucocorticoids. These ingredients work by inhibiting the production of melanin, lightening the skin where there are dark spots. There are creams available on the market which have these ingredients and they help to clear the spots.

To achieve the best results in treating dark spots on skin, the skin should first be analyzed to determine the cause of the dark skin spots. Some of the areas that should be looked into are:

  • Sun exposure

The analysis should focus on whether the skin has been exposed to sun, whether there has been the use of effective sunscreen.

  • Medical conditions

Since some medical conditions cause the skin to have dark spots, an analysis should be done to find out if there is a condition causing the prevalence of spots. Some of the diseases that should be looked into are Cushing’s and Addison’s diseases.

  • Pregnancy or use of hormones

Questions should be asked of a recent pregnancy or use of hormones such as in birth control and hormonal replacement. Change of hormones in the recent past can cause the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

  • Use of drugs

Certain drugs such as antibiotics, anti seizure drugs and cancer drugs may cause the appearance of dark spots on the skin. It is important to put their use into consideration in determining the cause of the spots.

Dark spots on the skin may be caused by a myriad of factors, but you should not allow them to trouble you, as there are actions you can take. They can be managed and controlled using preventive measures and treatment. They can be treated using suitable creams available for dark spots which have ingredients that can work by inhibiting production of melanin. One of the products with this capability is Meladerm skin lightening cream which is manufactured using natural lightening ingredients and is not harmful to the skin.

Skin Brightening And The Benefits Of Meladerm

How To Brighten Skin 

meladerm skin cream

The development of dark spots on the skin may require the use of skin brightening. This is the lightening of the skin on dark areas that have been darkened by overproduction of melanin. The skin can be lightened by the use of skin brightening products.

There are many skin brightening products on the market today. That is why when choosing a skin brightener for dark spots and blemishes, you should be careful. Some products may promise to deliver the desirable results, only to further damage the skin due to the ingredients used in manufacturing.

One product that is reliable for skin lightening and does not have harmful effects is Meladerm skin lightening cream. It is formulated using naturally occurring ingredients which enhance skin lightening without causing damage to the skin and to the health of the user. There are many benefits that accrue in using Meladerm for skin brightening.

Benefits of using Meladerm skin lightening cream

  • Uses natural ingredients that are not harmful

skin brightening

The lightening cream is manufactured using naturally occurring resources that are not harmful to the skin for skin brightening. Meladerm ingredients consist of lemon juice extracts, licorice extracts, kojic acid, mulberry and bear berry extracts among other naturally occurring ingredients. This makes it safe to use without causing damage to the skin. It does not include harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury, parabens and steroids.

  • It is effective in treating dark spots

The effectiveness of Meladerm is due to the perfect combination of ingredients. The active ingredients are used in amounts that ensure that the skin lightens as desired without causing harm to the skin. This is in addition to the manufacturing process that maintains the effectiveness of the active ingredients in skin brightening.

  • Treats many types of skin discoloration problems

Meladerm cream uk takes care of many skin problems that require lightening such as hyper pigmentation, old scars, birthmarks, sun spots or age spots, freckles, sun damage, dark elbows, knees, under arms and knuckles. It also treats melasma, acne marks and uneven skin tones. That means that if you have sun damage on your skin, and you also want to lighten the dark areas of your elbows and knees, you can use the cream without the need to buy another cream.

  • Compatible with all skin types

The meladerm fade cream or skin lightening cream is compatible with all skin types. The skin types range from oily skin, to dry and normal. It can also be used by people with white and black skin to treat the discolorations. This makes it an all round cream for all to be used for skin brightening.

  • Can be used as part of a 4 or 5 piece kit

Applying the cream alone to the affected area on the skin should not be enough for that flawless look. That is why you can get meladerm cream UK as part of a 4 or 5 piece kit which comprises of Meladerm fade cream, purifying facial toner, antioxidant facial cleanser, microdermabrasion cloth and eye complex. All these products work together to make the disappearance of dark spots and hyper pigmentation effective. The toner and cleanser are used to clean the skin while meladerm fade cream is used to lighten the skin.

  • Used on the whole body

The other benefit of the cream is its ability to be used on the whole body including the most sensitive parts such as under the eyes and arms. This is because meladerm for body does not cause irritation to the skin unlike other skin lightening creams.

  • Quick show of results

You can see the results of using meladerm fade cream from as early as two weeks to two months. The duration of the results depends on the skin condition and the skin type. The many reviews provided by satisfied customer’s state that the results are obtained after using the cream for the estimated duration.

  • Where to buy the cream

Meladerm cream UK is readily available on the official website. It is better to be safe than sorry that is why it is recommended that you buy it from there. Due to its popularity, there could be scams selling the wrong meladerm fade cream. That is why you should take caution when buying it from other sources.

  • The 30 day money back guarantee

For a first time buyer of the meladerm fade cream, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that you if you have bought the product and you feel that it does not meet your expectation; you need to send an email within 30 days indicating your intention to return the product. You can get a full refund whether the product is used or not. This is a benefit especially to those who may buy the product and then feel they do not want to use it.

Proof of effectiveness of meladerm

  • Before and after pictures

skin brighteningThe evidence of the benefits of using the meladerm fade cream is seen on the before and after pictures. They show how the cream is effective in getting rid of skin discolorations such as freckles and clearing other dark spots such as those left by acne by brightening the skin. Many happy users post their pictures to show how effective meladerm skin cream is.

  • Meladerm reviews

The users of meladerm fade cream leave reviews of the product, which you can use to determine if the skin lightener does what it says it does. The reviews show how satisfied the users of the cream are with the results that they get when they use it. For a first time customer, it is recommended that you look for as many reviews of a product as possible so that you can know whether it is effective or not. However meladerm skin cream has many reviews which are positive as it even exceeds customers’ expectations.

The combination of the reviews and the before and after pictures should help you to answer the question, does meladerm work. These should guide you to know whether to use the cream or not.

Causes Of Hyperpigmentation And Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Treatment For Hyperpigmentation

You may find that your skin is darker on some parts and not on others. This is what is called skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. It is the darkening of some parts of the skin due to the excess production of melanin on the affected parts. Although it is not a life threatening condition, most people are not comfortable with having skin pigments or dark spots on their bodies. It may affect their confidence and self esteem, especially facial pigmentation, and therefore it leads to a need to seek solutions and find out what type of hyperpigmentation treatment will be best.

skin pigmentation treatment

Hyperpigmentation  of skin occurs on different parts of the body such as hands and face, and since they are the most visible parts of the body, there is a need to treat the condition. Before seeking treatment, you should analyze the cause of darkened skin on your body. This will allow you to use the most efficient method to treat the hyperpigmentation, whether a cream or other treatment.

Causes of hyperpigmentation of skin

Darkening of skin is caused by a number of reasons although all of them lead to the over production of melanin causing the dark skin spots. They are:

  • Due to outbreak of acne. After it has healed, dark spots are left on the skin. The spots may disappear after a while and therefore this type of pigmentation of the skin is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).
  • Trauma to the skin due to abrasions, cuts and burns. They cause the skin to develop hyperpigmentation on the affected areas.
  • Melasma- these are brown patches on the forehead, nose and cheeks. They may appear on pregnant women due to hormonal changes. You may also find them on women who are using birth control pills or those who have undergone hormonal replacement.
  • Diseases such as Addison’s and Cushing’s.
  • Sun burn or exposure to ultraviolet rays. This causes dark pigmentation spots which are also known as age spots or sun spots to the skin. When skin is exposed to ultra violet light, it produces more melanin causing the skin to darken

Treatment of hyperpigmentation of skin

There are a variety of ways that can be used to treat hyperpigmentation. The treatment should be based on the cause of the skin pigmentation so as to achieve the best results. Some of the methods are:

  • Microderm abrasion

This involves the use of special equipment by a professional to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. This results in an improvement of the skin while reducing the hyperpigmentation of skin. For the best results, one needs to go through the process a couple of times.

  • Use of skin lightening creams

The skin lightening creams are manufactured using ingredients which cause the dark spots to lighten. The creams work by reducing the production of melanin on the affected area making the smooth and without blemishes. Some of the ingredients contained in the creams are kojic acid, azelaic acid and arbutin. Some creams may have hydroquinone which is a skin lightener that may cause damage to the skin.

  • Laser treatment

This is the use of laser machine to reduce the dark spots. The lasers are attracted to the dark spots and remove them without damaging the skin around.

  • Cream for pigmentation or hyperpigmentation cream

This is a cream specifically made to lighten the dark spots. One of the best creams for pigmentation is meladerm skin lightening cream. It contains the ingredients required to treat the condition with no adverse side effects. This is because they are naturally occurring unlike other medications which end up damaging the skin and resulting to medical problems. The cream is known to lighten the skin reducing the dark spots, making the skin flawless and without blemishes.

Some of the natural ingredients that are used to make the Meladerm skin lightening cream are: alpha arbutin, kojic acid, licorice, lemon juice extracts, mulberry extracts and bearberry extracts among others. These ingredients are skin lightening ingredients. The cream is made by combining all the ingredients in the right proportion for the best results. It is also manufactured using the best method to ensure its efficiency in treating hyperpigmentation of skin.

Points to note when treating skin pigmentation

hyperpigmentation treatmentWhen treating hyperpigmentation, it is important to consider the cause of the dark spots.  For instance in the case of acne, you should find out what is causing acne to appear. This will deal with root cause of the problem and will prevent another bout of acne occurring after treatment. When treating hyperpigmentation of skin because of sun burn, more emphasis should be put on avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. This will prevent further damage to the skin while at the same time promote healing of the darkened parts of the skin.

For the hyperpigmentation caused by hormones, if it is a pregnant woman, the only thing that can be done is to wait for the pregnancy to end so that the dark spots can disappear. This should be done in addition to preventing exposure to direct sunlight. Skin pigmentation caused by the use of hormonal replacement and birth control pills may stop appearing after the use of the hormones has ended.

Prevention of hyperpigmentation

Most of the causes of dark spots or skin pigmentation can be prevented. For instance, hyperpigmentation of skin caused by exposure to the sun can be prevented by using sunscreen when exposing oneself to direct sunlight. You should also put protective clothing to reduce the area of the skin exposed to sun.

The skin should be taken care of to reduce instances of getting hyperpigmentation. This can be done by cleaning it well and moisturizing. If the cause of skin pigmentation is acne, then measures should be taken to reduce the occurrence.


Skin pigmentation can be maintained and treated by using the right measures. One of the ways is the use of Meladerm skin lightening cream which has the skin lightening ingredients. There are methods of treating skin pigmentation although some of them may need the use of a skin care professional such as the use of laser treatment and microdermabrasion. Before treatment is done, the cause of the skin pigmentation should be analyzed so as to determine the best method.

Tips On Using Skin Lightening Products

How to Best Lighten Your Skin 

Your skin may need lightening due to a number of reasons. These can range from sun damage due to sunburn, acne scars, dark spots, freckles, skin discolorations and blemishes, age spots, liver spots, birthmarks, uneven skin tone, dark knuckles, dark underarms and hyper pigmentation. The question that arises is what you should use to lighten your skin. There are many skin lightening methods that one can use today. What is important is whether they are safe and can they provide the desired results.

skin lightening

One of the best ways to lighten the skin is by using the best skin lightening products that are well researched and are continuously improved and that do not have harsh chemicals. One such product is Meladerm lightening skin cream. This is a cream that provides the best results in a short duration of time, from two weeks to two months. Below are some tips that you can use to lighten your skin and to maintain it for the best results. This is because lightening your skin does not end by applying the cream; there are other things that one should do to maintain the look for the longest time.

Using products which do not have harsh chemicals

The market has many products and some of them do not provide the required result, or have side effectsThey promise to lighten the skin and save you from the discomfort of skin pigmentation. When using these products, make sure you check the ingredients to ensure that they are safe. This is because some products have harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone that may end up damaging your skin instead of making it lighter.

One of the best skin lightening products is meladerm lightening skin cream which is made from safe ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Some of the ingredients are naturally occurring such as alpha arbutin, extract of lemon juice and kojic acid, mulberry extracts, licorice and bearberry extract. They have also undergone testing; have been micronized and filtered so that they can deliver the required results efficiently.

You should not worry about your skin type when using this product. This is because it is also suitable for all skin types and it can be used for skin lightening for African Americans, Caucasians and Africans. Its use is not limited to the face as you can apply it on any other part of the body where there is need for skin lightening.

Using right procedure in application

Sometimes people fail to see results while using the best skin lightening products because of the failure to follow instructions while applying the product to the skin. Meladerm lightening skin cream needs to be applied on a washed and dried skin. It should then be applied and massaged on the affected area twice a day, in the morning and at night. If you are applying make up or sun block, do so 10 minutes after you apply the cream.

Taking safety precautions

One cause of skin discolorations is exposure to sun. Staying too long in the sun can cause skin to develop wrinkles, sun damage due to sunburn, dark spots skin discolorations, blemishes, age spots and uneven skin tone. To counter these damages, you should avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight. If going out, you can use a sunscreen and clothes that protect the skin from exposure. Protecting yourself from the sun will prevent your skin from being damaged and consequently giving you that flawless look. To get the best results, use the lightening skin cream together with a sun block of SPF 30 or higher.

Eating right

The condition of your skin largely depends on the nutrition it recieves. That means that if you eat a balanced diet, the results are a healthy skin free from blemishes that are caused by lack of important nutrients in the body. Even if you are using the lightening skin cream for any of the conditions that cause discoloration and blemishes, it is also important to take the right diet so that the skin is sufficiently nourished. This will ensure that your skin benefits from the best skin lightening product and the nourishment for the best results.

Drinking plenty of water

healthy skin


Water hydrates the skin giving it a glow. Make sure that as you use the lightening skin cream, you also take plenty of water. This will prevent your skin from becoming dull and it will also help the cream to provide the desired results effectively.

Storage and use of the cream

The skin lightening cream should not be stored direct to sunlight. You should also not dismantle the container since it will allow in air and light, which can oxidize the contents. Proper storage and use will ensure that this best skin lightening product is in the right condition to provide the desired results.


Having a damaged skin does not need to be a discouragement. Maybe you have tried using different products which have not provided the desired results for your skin. Some products may also have caused adverse effects to your skin in addition to causing health problems. You do not need to search any more since there is a safe remedy for skin lightening. This is in Meladerm lightening skin cream which is safe to use with no adverse effects. This is because it has been made using natural ingredients which are not harmful to the body and great care has been taken in its manufacturing.

How To Buy Meladerm, Its Price And Special Offers

Meladerm Price And Purchase Information

Meladerm price


Meladerm is not made available to chemists and drug stores so is not available over the counter to purchase. It is only available on the internet from a handful of reputable sources. However the cost of the product does vary from each of the available places of purchase.

The cheapest and most reliable source is direct from Civant who are the manufacturers of Meladerm skin cream. Obviously purchasing from this source, supply will never be a problem and the product can be supplied all over the world and delivered direct to your door with minimal cost. Meladerm seeks to put the customer’s need first.

The Price Of Meladerm

The Meladerm price from Civant is just $49.99 plus the delivery options you may choose. You will find this price is quite a lot higher when looking at other sources. For a skin cream that is effective in lightening skin and diminishing skin blemishes it is a very competitive price. Payment can be made using PayPal or any major credit or debit card.

All purchases processed by Civant Skin Care are one time transactions. This means you will only be charged for the item(s) you purchased and will not be enrolled in any future automatic re-orders or recurring billing. Your credit card information will not be kept on file and will not charge you for anything except for what is listed on your invoice.

Go to store to choose and purchase by following this link.

Special Offers

The supply from Civant of Meladerm comes with a 30 day guarantee so you can have an absolute assurance that the product will arrive in great condition and be a product that really is worthwhile. Please be sure to check the conditions when you place your order.

Meladerm price is fixed and there are no discount codes. However if you wish to choose the larger size of 3.4 oz then you receive twice the quantity for just $79.99.

Other Products


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4 piece kit

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All for $114.99

Will Meladerm Really Work For You? Read This Meladerm Review

Meladerm Review

Meladerm skin cream

Dealing with dark spots, discoloration, scars, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes on your skin can be frustrating. These skin conditions can make you have a low self-esteem and a sense of ugliness. Most people often use skin lightening products to get rid of these problems. Although there are many skin lightening creams on the market that claim to deliver instant results, most of them have limited or no success and include chemical ingredients that may end up causing more harm than good. So if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned skin problems, it is important to look for a skin lightening cream which is effective and safe. But trust in a product is important so here we reviewed Meladerm. The reason we  have a Meladerm Review as opposed to other products is that Meladerm skin cream is making a lot of news and we believe is one of the best products for diminishing skin discolorations and dark spots. For more information on why you should buy this skin cream, this Meladerm review should provide you with everything you need to know about this product. If you want independent advice go to the bottom of this article and see a clip from The Balancing Act Show where Meladerm is discussed.

What is Meladerm?

Meladerm is one of the most popular creams used to whiten the skin. It can suit any type of skin and can work equally well on any part of the body. According to Civant Skin Care, the manufacturer, Meladerm was introduced into the market after four years of comprehensive tests and trials and even since then, it has undergone continuous improvements to make it the most advanced skin cream in the market it is today.

The formula is typically used to reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, liver spots, freckles, sun spots, acne marks, birthmarks, old scars, uneven skin tone, dark knuckles, dark eye circles, dark underarms, or any other kind of skin blemishes. What distinguishes Meladerm from other products in the market is the ingredients. Unlike other products, each ingredient in Meladerm has been tested, micronized and filtered to guarantee superior efficiency and deliver the desired results.

The major reason why most people avoid skin creams is persistent skin irritation. Civant Skin Care has noted this and provided a viable solution by including effective moisturizers and preservatives to minimize skin irritation. The formula contains the highest concentration of active ingredients that the skin can tolerate.

How Meladerm Works

Meladerm is backed by lots of scientific and clinical studies. It whitens the skin by managing the level of melanin; the substance responsible for determining the color of human skin, hair and eyes. Its ingredients work on areas with excess melanin, thereby whitening the targeted part of the skin.

Meladerm cream is packed with natural ingredients, like kojic acid, niacinamide, gigawhite, bearberry, alpha-arbutin, licorice, lemon juice, emblica and mulberry, which are majorly derived from plant extracts. These ingredients control the pigments, eradicating skin problems such as discolorations, acne marks and pigmentation.

How to apply it

When it comes to using the cream, simply apply it to the affected part, and then gently massage it for proper absorption. It is advisable to apply it two times a day for quick results. According to some user reviews, one may start experiencing visible results within 2 weeks. But full results can be realized in 2-3 months, depending on one’s skin type.

Is Meladerm Skin Cream Safe?

Meladerm is made of natural ingredients and so it’s safe to use on the skin. Unlike most similar products on the market, Meladerm does not contain hydroquinone, steroids, mercury or any other harmful bleaching substances. The formula can be applied to any part of the skin for several weeks without any side effects. This formula can be used by men and women alike. However, it is advisable to limit the application in the initial stages to see how your skin reacts to it.


If you are shopping for a safe skin lightener that truly delivers the desired results, then Meladerm is indeed the ideal option. Prepared with great care and containing no harmful ingredients, Meladerm redefines people’s perception towards skin creams. The cream is formulated by a team of cosmeticians, chemists and scientists to ensure that it effectively eliminates any skin discoloration problem such as age spots, freckles, dark skin, old acne scars and large pores among others. If you still doubt its effectiveness, perhaps the 30 day money back guarantee that the product comes with is enough proof that the cream really delivers. But ensure you buy the Meladerm Skin cream from a reliable seller with a record of selling genuine products.

What Are The Reasons For Choosing Meladerm Skin Cream?

Reasons for Choosing Meladerm Skin Cream

In today’s society we are very conscious of our looks and appearance and many people are using a variety of creams and lotions for the purpose of treating a wide array of skin issues such as acne, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The array of available products in the market can be bewildering. But only a handful of them can lighten and brighten your skin to diminish any discolorations and it is best to try and avoid those creams that may contain harmful ingredients usually based on various chemical processes. Consequently you need to purchase a facial cream that is safe and made from natural ingredients. One such cream is Meladerm skin cream and it has created quite a stir on the internet.

Here are some of the skin issues which can be treated with Meladerm.

  • Acne masksdark spot treatment
  • Old scars
  • Freckles
  • Liver or Sun spots
  • Birthmarks
  • Uneven skin tones
  • Hyperpigmentation

What makes Meladerm stand out from other skin creams? 

Based on numerous Meladerm reviews, all users have loved the cream’s unmatched lightening ability thanks to the fact that it is specially formulated for the purpose of lightening the skin. Here are some other attributes that make Meladerm stand out from other creams out there.

All its ingredients are natural

This means that it does not use mercury, parabens and steroids which are known to cause health issues such as kidney failure, but are used in some other creams. All the ingredients work together in harmony therefore aiding in controlling pigment formation. Here are some of the ingredients of this great skin cream.

  • Mulberry extract
  • Licorice
  • Bearberry extract
  • Lemon juice
  • Vitamin C and K
  • Alpha Arbutin

Highly effective

It is effective and offers quick results when compared to other types of skin creams. It boasts thousands of positive reviews, which is something that confirms the effectiveness and popularity of Meladerm.

Sold by authorized dealers

The cream is only available in a handful of authorized stores. You can also purchase it online at Meladerm’s official website with just a few clicks and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Minimal side effects

The fact that this cream has minimal scientifically proven side effects is arguably what makes it stand out from other creams. Unlike many types of skin creams on today’s market, Meladerm is made from natural products that are safe and devoid of serious side effects.

Why does Meladerm offer great results?

Apart from the reasons discussed above, the fact that it does not contain hydroquinone unlike other brands makes it much safer to use. Secondly, it comes with a special container that is designed to prevent oxygen from getting in and further oxidizing the ingredients. That is why you are bound to get great results within days of using this cream. To make the most of it, you need to carefully follow the given guidelines.

What do Meladerm reviews say regarding Meladerm cream?

As has been previously mentioned in this article, Meladerm skin cream has many positive reviews in comparison to other creams. According to the reviews, most users have noted that it is quite remarkable in offering a  tangible solution to their skin issues. Reviews further say that they find it safe to use without any effects to their skin. One great benefit regarding this cream is that it offers results very quickly, hence giving one more confidence.

Where can I buy Meladerm skin cream?

You can only purchase it from authorized stores or from Meladerm’s official website. Once you purchase it, you automatically become eligible to their one-month money back guarantee.

Does Meladerm skin cream have side effects?

Meladerm skin cream does not have any serious side effects as you are using natural ingredients. However, it may not be useful for people who have very sensitive skin. It can also react with your skin if you are allergic to some of its ingredients.